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What kind of distribution/solicitation policy

HRM 510 WEEK 8 DISCUSSION • What kind of distribution/solicitation policy would you recommend that an employer adopt? Regarding e-mail use? What are the potential consequences of adopting highly restrictive policies? • Think about a restaurant, store, office or factory where you have worked. What safety and health hazards existed in that workplace? What measures […]

How does a pop culture portrayal of science

Science in the Media There is nothing like reading a good book or watching a great movie for a little escapism and entertainment. With all of the television channels out there and access to the internet, you can watch just about anything you want at any time. In Unit 2, you talked about the science […]

Select one of the website’s ads that attempts to trigger problem recognition.

Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions Internet Exercise This week you are to focus on two Internet Exercises. Explore the websites and answer specific questions. Each question’s answer portion should be in the 200–400-word range. Answers that demonstrate a working knowledge of concepts and terminology included in the text will be favored over simple […]

write a section to explain what these ratios values mean.

Jalbert ProductsData Table:Net operating revenues $ 30.7Operating expenses 25.5Operating income 5.2Nonoperating items:Interest expense (1.2)Other (0.6)Net income $ 3.4Total assets $150.0Total stockholders equity 51.01. Compute Jalbert leverage ratio, debt ratio and interest-earned ratio and write a section to explain what these ratios values mean. Would you be willing to lend Talbert[…]   PLACE THIS ORDER OR […]

How IT in procurement has affected APPLE, Eprocurement/ Esourcing/transperancy/ process simplification, supplier visibility, competition, competition among suppliers

My subject is purchasing management and my Assignment is all about Apple INC, how it manages its suppliers, how global sourcing has affected apple. The below points are just a breif overview of what my assigment needs. And also i have given few points in brackets,along wiht the points 1.SWOT & Porters five forces APPLE […]